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dreaming her way through life

The first thing they ask you to do at a job interview is to describe yourself, and yet I am never sure how to respond. Do I tell them about my school life and how my science and maths scores have really dropped since primary school, or do I emphasize my stronger points and talk about my love for art class? Am I meant to take the other route and talk myself up until I sound like a gym junkie who lives off protein shakes and in her spare time does charity work for the poor, the elderly, and the blind? Yet in the end, I always say the same thing. I tell them about how even though I adore painting, I get distracted and forget to finish, which has lead to a collection of unfinished paintings in my garage that I will probably never complete. I tell them about my dog, who is the love of my life, and the time he fell asleep in my onion basket. I tell them about my dream to go into International Relations and own an apartment with a balcony in New York, and to one day write an article that will inspire other people to follow their own dreams. In a job interview, they do not ask you about the little things in your life that have shaped you. They only ask for the end result.
- Daniela


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.