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Therapy. Things that come to mind: psychologists, councilors, those health people that tell you phrases like "if you're feeling sad, you should talk to someone about it."  
I have never been good with confrontations, just as I have never been good with expressing my emotions to the people to which they relate. I tend to bottle up my emotions, get pulled down by them, until finally I explode (similiar to the way a Coca-Cola bottle explodes when you shake and then open it). When I told my close friends that, they suggested therapy. By then, I was so tired of exploding that I tried it. It didn't help at all: I exploded again, perhaps even worse because of the guilt and confusion I felt: why hadn't the talking helped? 

Lack of sleep + low exam results = a day off with the goal of:
  •  finding a healthy way of expressing my emotions
  • figuring out why I have been having trouble sleeping

I found that there are different types of emotional expression, and although talking to a professional is one of the common ones, it is not the only one.
  • Narrative therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Movement therapy
  • Journal therapy
  • and my favourite thus far: art therapy.

I gave them all a try today, but I really enjoyed using art as a way of expressing my emotions. There was nothing confrontational about it: there was no set way I had to do it, no set thing I had to say. As I tell anyone that will listen: art is about raw emotion, which is why it is so powerful. You can interpret it however you wish and you will not be wrong. 
As for the sleeping, I think I'll sleep just fine tonight.



At least my mum thinks I'm cool.