Wanderlust ;

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  1. a strong desire to travel.
Only 16 days until I leave for France! Every morning I wake up and realise that it is a day less until I leave. I have wanted to do this for so long that I can barely believe it is happening: it still feels like a dream! Even as we buy boots and gloves and Vegemite ( for my dear host family ) it still feels foggy! If I pinch myself hard enough, will I wake up from my dream? 16 days will pass in no time at all, after all, the two years spent daydreaming about the day I would finally go to France on exchange have. 
My preparations have included:
  • making a bucket list of things to do and sending my friends excited messages about what should be on it
  • constantly Googling phrases like "french social behaviour" and "how to learn fluent french in one day"
  • planning my outfits and consulting my host sister Nelly
  • sending long emails to Nelly that consist mostly of questions like "what is your favourite colour??" and "check out this cool link I found about the French, is it true?"
  • watching French movies and feeling overwhelmed by the accents and fast speech
I feel so lucky to have received such a great family: I feel like I won the lottery! They are so nice and I think that they won't mind all my silly Australian questions ;) 


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.