Bonne Voyage ;

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Je t'aime, Paris. As in, I like you, because your weather is way too moody to love. I never knew just how much I would come to love 11 degrees, because that was the warmest it came to during my four days, and when Emily said, "Tomorrow is 11 degrees!" My dorm cheered. 11 degrees means one less pair of socks. 6 degrees = 3 pairs of socks. 

Not that you aren't beautiful, Paris. You have your good moments: Starbucks, the Eiffel Tower, your p√Ętisseries... I would've enjoyed you more if I was less sleep deprived and more warm. 

Still, I had a good time with you. I enjoyed Sacre-Coeur the most: there was just something about the artistic feel that made my day, although I'm not too sure why some of the artists were as grumpy as they were... I was very glad that the 11 degree day was the Sacre-Coeur day! 

Overall I give the Paris tour during winter a 6.5/10. We had to do so much and see so many attractions in just 4 days, and it really exhausted me. 
Actually, make that 7.5/10. The food was p-retty good outside the hotel. 

Au revoir, Paris! 



At least my mum thinks I'm cool.