Snow ;

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"You look like a penguin." - Riley

Things Daniela doesn't enjoy: wet socks, wet shoes, wet gloves.
Things that happen as result of a snowball fight: wet socks, wet shoes, wet gloves.
Things Daniela did enjoy about snowball fights, luges, and skiing: the photos, the texture of the snow, snow angels. (all of which was ft Nelly, my host sister.) 

Things Daniela learnt as a result of her time in the mountains:
- You can begin to dislike croissants. It's hard to believe but definately possible. 
- Tumbling while on a luge is nowhere near as scary as she thought it would be. 
- Give everything a try, even if it scares you. By everything she means skiing, which was difficult because she didn't know how to stop. (It's good that French children aren't familiar with English swear words.) 
- Photos are a pain because you have to remove your gloves. 
- Snow is 0 degrees. 


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.