Haircut ;

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Long hair. 
Connatations: purity, perservence, feminity. 
Reality: headaches, flushed face, knots. 

Getting a haircut felt great. For me it wasn't about the symbolism: wasn't about the new look, the releasing of emotions or such, it was about getting healthier hair, and trading something old in for something new. There's a point that your hair reaches The Length, and once it goes past The Length, you should probably cut it. You know what The Length is, it differs from person to person. For me, The Length was the middle of my back. For you, it might be shoulder length, might be your elbows. Very subjective. 
Now my hair is layered, it was a lot shorter than The Length I had expected I would like it at, but when I saw it in my home mirror, I reflected the heart eyes emoji. Now I can't stop looking at my reflection in my mum's sunglasses when I talk to her. Remember that everything is changeable, nothing is permanent. I had long hair yesterday, and now I don't. Maybe you were unhappy yesterday, but you don't have to be unhappy today. 


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.