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If I could change one thing about my french experience, it would be that my stay wasn't long enough. Please note that I am not saying I haven't missed Australia or my Australian friends, trust me, I have. The beautiful landscape, the lovely people, the seemly endless supply of fruit, how can one not miss it? But I'll also miss the cold weather, the reaction I received when I told people I was Australian, and most importantly, my new family and friends.
Another two weeks to spend with Bloom (or Brioche, as I christened her because she closely resembled a bread called brioche), the cat who lived predominately in my room because she seemed to like Australian suitcases.
Another two weeks to spend with Nelly, who did drive me crazy now and again but that was just because she was much, much better at Monopoly than I was. (Or maybe at cheating at Monopoly, who knows with these frenchies?)
Another two weeks to spend with Martine, who happily joined in on all of my crazy adventures: the time I saw circus animals and demanded to be allowed to take selfies with them (1), the time I organised an afterschool gateau for Nelly because it was her birthday, and all of our super market visits.
Another two weeks to spend with Philippe, who did talk and talk and talk wherever we went (and we went to all sorts of castles and beaches!), but that is a lot better than being grouchy all the time.

At the same time, I am glad that I spent those two weeks home. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to relax and readjust to the summer heat, and I certainly wouldn't have had time to work up a neat tan before being pushed back into getting an education!

- this was written a lot earlier than the 20/03/15


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.