Day out with the boys ;

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Four days left. Well, four sleeps and three days, because the sun has already set and the lights have been flicked on in the only room in the house we currently live in: Mum's bedroom. Today has been a hurricane of a day: an early morning coffee-and-wander with Peter, a waterway walk with Thomas, and then an afternoon meeting with Caitlin (not a boy, yes I know), who was lovely enough to meet me before she returns to Canada! It was so refreshing to go to the city and find new places, new views, new pictures to look at, because it feels like every time I visit Perth, I'm visiting the same alleyways, same "secret places", same sights, with different people. I still can't believe that I'm leaving, but today made it sink in just that little bit more. I think that when you stay in the same place for a long time, you get used to all the wonderful things around you, and not just things, but people too. Days like today make you appreciate them, allow you to see people in a warm light, the same light that encapsulated them on the first meeting.

"For me, 8am is the middle of the night!" - Toma


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.