Four Seasons ;

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4 Seasons in One Day, that was the most popular description of Melbourne weather. It took one crazy Sunday to realise just how true that was. Our day started and ended with us running for the train, which seems to happen much more often than I'd ever expected. Our first stop was the Arts' Centre Melbourne City Market, which was filled with talented artists and a lot of food: I'm talking sweet popcorn, cupcakes, the lot. Our next stop was mostly due to the fact that it had started raining, and it was a very warm shop called Dumpling King, where lunch was served during crazy winter weather outside us. Just 10 minutes earlier, we had been faced with blue clear skies instead of bristling wind and damp conditions. Our third stop was our last one: Melbourne Central. There we found a variety of vintage (and expensive) clothes, a lot of sweaters, and even more cafes with warm, warm entrances. The highlight of our day would have to be Melbourne's ability to rain, hail, and shine in one day. (Mum's highlight was the dumplings, 100% percent the dumplings, she says.) 


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.