41 days ;

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41 days, in theory, is not a large amount of time. But when it is the amount of time you've spent in a new home, it really is. If I had to describe my transfer to Melbourne in one word, it would be "fast." We got a school worked out fast, we got a house worked out fast, we got our lives back on track fast. I'm not saying it was easy, but it wasn't as hard as you might think. One of the most challenging things about moving was accepting that yes, I would be going to a completely unfamiliar place, and yes, I would just have to deal with it.
Moving did not mean I was moving on from my Perth friends, it just meant that I would have Melbourne friends too. The two can coexist, and in my case, they do. The people I have met in Melbourne are really, well, to be blunt, amazing. They are kind, interesting, motivated, and a lot better than me at charades. I am not regretting my move here, because I did not lose anything. The people that were most important to me are still important to me, and I will be seeing them soon. The risk of taking this crazy move has rewarded me significantly: I am catching up in school, and for the first time in a long time, am motivated to go and learn and actually do my homework.
I also have a new man in my life: his name is Christopher, and he sits on my window sill. I have yet to do research on how much watering he needs, and he has pricked me a few times, but I don't mind, because he is very handsome for a succulent.

(Shout out to Thomas, who came over from Perth and showed me around Melbourne as though he had been the one living here for almost a month and a half.)


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.