San Cisco vs Arctic Monkeys ;

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San Cisco: the second concert I've been to. (The first was Arctic Monkeys.) As I am studying reviews for Lit, I thought I would give this one a go. So here it is: Arctic Monkeys vs San Cisco!


If we are talking about beards, San Cisco would win hands down. I can't imagine Alex Turner with a beard, and quite frankly, I don't want to. If we are talking about dancing, well, the round-the-stage dancing San Cisco's Jordi and Scarlett did was impressive, but wasn't quite as awe-inspiring as Alex Turner doing the pinky swirl in Arabella

Minor Characters

Arctic Monkey's opening act was a bit forgettable, which may have been due to the fact that I arrived at the end of it and only witnessed the last few closing minutes. San Cisco's acts were Crooked Colours, and Methyl Ethyl, and apart from one dysfunctional guitar - which was quickly swapped out -, the acts went smoothly.  The background sound was intense, but since I can still remember the feeling of almost going deaf, I would have to give Minor Characters to San Cisco. 

Special Guests

Arctic Monkeys: Katy, Stephanie, Abby.
San Cisco: Aghi. 
Although Aghi did know all the bubble tea joints, Arctic Monkeys had more special guests, and sushi was consumed beforehand, which means the Monkeys win this round.


As I was a lot closer to the stage in San Cisco, the photos turned out a lot better. However, there were massive television screens in the Arctic Monkeys performance which allowed me to watch every single hair flick Alex Turner did. 


Vocals were good for both. Then again, my music knowledge is very limited so don't count on me for advice. I'd say a tie here. 

Price Comparison

San Cisco: $40.
Arctic Monkeys: $100.
The experiences were relative to the prices. San Cisco was a great concert for a great price, but due to the extra paid for Arctic Monkeys, they held other features like huge televisions, great stereo, a longer performance, and a bigger audience. There was also no waiting in line in Arctic Monkeys, due to the booked seats. All in all, each has their own advantages and disadvantages.


And the final winner is: Me, because I got to see both of these amazing bands live. Sorry guys, there is really no way I could choose between my two favourite bands. 


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.