Perth ;

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Sometimes when you spend too much time with your parents, you don't get on well with them. It's the repeated contact: you can feel like they don't give you enough space, when in reality, you barely see them at all. That's why spending a day out with Dad was a great idea. Living in a different state means that there is nowhere as much contact: I get caught up with life events in Melbourne, which means our conversations tend to be rare. Not that I mind: it's nice to have a break. It makes going back so much better.

The best way to reconnect with anyone is to go on a roadtrip, so that was exactly what we did. 2 1/2 hours there, 2 1/2 hours back. (We really got to know eachother's music tastes.) 
Our destination was the Lighthouse, and the nearby caves. 

The Lighthouse was impressive. It stood in front of the area where two oceans connected (the Southern, and the Indian.) This was marked by a rock. 
We got an audio guide which told us a lot, but the best story was about a pregnant wife, who fell and died. The next family to inherit the house complained about strange creakiness and footsteps at night, whistling noises, doors opening and closing. It could've been the wind, but they attributed it to the ghost of the dead pregnant woman, and quickly moved out. 

The Diamond cave was even better: everything glittered and shined, even the bones of the animals unfortunate enough to have fallen through the small hole in the roof. For anyone who has never been underground: do it, even if it scares you. Nothing reminds you of your own mortality as the sight of stalactites and bones in a cave. 

 Spending time with somebody you grew up and properly getting to know them is a great thing, and I would have to say that it was my favourite day out of my 10 spent in Perth. 


At least my mum thinks I'm cool.